2020 Hunting Map

Hunting Map Updates

The 2020 Hunting Map is attached below.  We've made the map electronic in order to allow last minute lot designation changes, hunters can download the map to their personal device, print, etc.  Some lots have changed in their designation, this was based upon input from owners, and hunting authorization cards on file.  Some cards were missing signatures, designation preference, or not on file.  If you see changes that are needed on your individual lot, please contact Tim Habel at ([email protected]) for a new card.  Change requests for the 2020 hunting season must be recieved by July 1, 2020 to be included on the 2020 hunting map. Cards recieved after July 1, 2020 will take effect in the 2021 hunting season.

NOTE: Please DO NOT use the blue line identified as Vega Creek as a property line! The creek is marked in blue on the map, however due the 2018 Fire and subsequent erosion, some minor/major deviations has occurred from when the map was created. Also, some minor errors happened when the map was created several years ago. The property lines (black) depicted are correct.

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