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2022 Hunting Rules/Permits

2022 Forbes Wagon Creek Ranch (FWCR) Hunting Rules and Hunting Permit

  1. All Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Hunting Rules and Regulations MUST be followed. The following rules are in addition to those declared by CPW. 


  1. Owners MUST become familiar with and abide by all FWCROA hunting rules. It is the responsibility of all Owners to ensure that their immediate family members, and their guests, become familiar with and abide by all the rules. Any violations of any of rules denoted here by Owners, their family members or their guests can result in a $1,000 fine against the Owner for each rule violated, and their Guests, if in violation, will be restricted from hunting on the ranch for two years. Rules can be found on the FWCROA website ( under the ‘Hunting Information’ Section labeled 2022 Hunting Rules.


  1. Only the Owners (NOT their guests or immediate family members) can request hunting permits for any game (big & small) for lots designated for hunting and private lots too. The request will be submitted by email to [email protected]. To ensure that the email is being sent from an actual Owner(s), the Owner must attach a picture ID of themselves (driver license, passport, state issued identification or any other official ID), list the lot number(s) owned and a copy of their hunting license if they are hunting. If the Owner is only requesting permits for their immediate family members or guests, no ID from their guests will be required to be submitted, only the Colorado hunting licenses of each hunter will need to be emailed or mailed. Personal information from any acceptable ID can be redacted (e.g. DOB, License No.) but the photo and name of the OWNER must be clearly visible.

              Example of Email requesting hunting permits

              To: [email protected]

              Subject: Request hunting Permits


              To Hunting Committee,


I, John Smith, Owner of lot 500 & 501, request hunting permits for myself and my guest, Bob Jones, for first rifle elk season (Date range). Attached is my ID and the hunting licenses for me and my guest.

  1. Once a permit request is received, and is found to have all pertinent information needed, a member of the FWCROA Hunting Committee will complete a hunting permit for the Owner and/or their guests and email it to the Owner. The permit will reflect a date, permit number, name of Owner, lot number(s), current lot hunting status (Hunting Allowed/No Hunting), name of authorized hunter(s), season being hunted and the name of the hunting committee member issuing the permit. Owner is SOLELY responsible to ensure the permits are printed and/or forwarded to all hunters to display on the dashboard of whatever hunting vehicle is used, or saved on their cellphones to carry with them.


  1. Lot Owners do not have to hunt the same season as their guests but MUST accompany them while hunting to ensure all rules are followed and that no trespassing on lots not open for hunting occurs. If Owners or their guest trespass on lots closed for hunting, those Owners have the right to file charges for trespassing with law enforcement. In addition to legal ramifications, FWCROA can place fines on Owners, and possible hunting restrictions on hunters, whether charges are filed or not. It should be noted that according to Colorado state law: attempting to track, locate and recover a wounded animal on lots that are closed for hunting is not allowed unless reasonable attempts to contact the Owner for permission is done.

  1. Each Land Owner and their immediate family members are allowed unlimited FWCR permits for any legal tags (big & small game) that can be purchased from Colorado Parks & Wildlife. The number of seasons allowed to hunt for the Land Owner and their immediate family is only limited by CPW. Immediate family members are defined as the Land Owner’s spouse, their children and grandchildren. EXCLUDED from this definition are parents, in-laws, siblings, uncles/aunts, nephews/nieces, cousins and all others not explicitly granted hunting privileges. All the aforementioned exclusions fall under a two-guests allowed rule to prevent over-hunting.

  1. Each Land Owner, regardless of the number of lots owned, is ONLY allowed two hunting permits yearly for guests with legal tags to hunt any one season only or two permits for one guest with legal tags to hunt two seasons as it applies to big game (known to roam FWCR) as define by CPW: Black Bear, Mountain Lion, Mule Deer, Pronghorn and Elk. There are no limits for permits to legally hunt small game such as turkey, coyote, bobcat, grouse, etc. and small game permits WILL NOT count against the limit of the two permits for guests for big game. Children 16 or under still require getting a FWCROA hunting permit, but DO NOT count as one of the two guest permits.


  1. A) An Owner request permits for a guest for archery/elk and for another guest for rifle/bear. The limit of two guests permits has been reached for the year. Or, an Owner requests permits for only one guest to hunt archery/elk and one for rifle/bear. The limit of two permits has also been reached for the year. No other permits can be issued for other guests that year for big game in these examples.
  2. B) The Owner can still request permits to hunt small game (legally licensed) for himself, his spouse, their children plus the two guests he invited to hunt elk and bear, but do not count against the limit of two-guest permits for big game.


  1. If an Owner has their lot designated as “Hunting Allowed,” then they, their family and their guests can hunt any lots designated the same on the FWCROA Hunting Map. Those lots designated as “No Hunting” are only open for hunting by the Owner, their immediately family members and their guests. These private hunters CANNOT hunt on any other lot open for hunting, nor lots closed for hunting unless invited, but this invitation would count against the two-guests permit rule for the Land Owner who made the invitation. 


  1. It is the responsibility of Owners to provide their family and guests the most current ranch map to show which lots are open or closed for hunting. All hunters MUST have a copy of the map in their possession (physically or electronically). It is the responsibility of Land Owners to update their family and guests of any changes to the hunting map. Designating the status of a lot to “Hunting Allowed” or NOT must be made in writing by current Land Owners by August 15th or after January 1st. The only exception to the deadlines is if a property is purchased between August 15th and January 1st. New Owners will have to submit a “Hunting Authorization” form to the hunting committee before a change can be made on the map. Efforts to make changes to the map upon receiving a request to change status will be made as soon as possible, but until the change is made on the map, the status of “Hunting Allowed or Not” will remain as is. Thus, the reason for Owners, their immediate family and guests to check hunting status of lots the day before any season starts. The Hunting Authorization Form and Hunting Map can be found on the FWCROA web site under the “Hunting Information” Section labeled 2022 Hunting map (


  1. According to CPW regulations, Land Owners are NOT responsible to mark/post their property. Therefore, it is the OWNERS responsibility to ensure that their family members and THEIR GUESTS know where they are and if the area is designated as Hunting Allowed or NOT.


  1. Strictly prohibited within FWCR is road hunting (or hunting from any type of vehicle), the use of paid guide hunts, or hunting within 100 yards of any building or dwelling. Hunting closer to a building or dwelling is ONLY allowed by the Owner of a lot designated as “No Hunting,” on upon their own lot.


  1. Nothing prevents any Land Owner from cordially requesting from any hunter found on their property (whether open for hunting or not) to produce a copy of the currently active hunting permit. Failure for any hunter/person to produce, or refusing to produce proof, such permit can result in a $1,000 fine levied upon the Owner that invited them and said hunter/person that refused will be restricted from hunting in the ranch for two years. It is the duty and responsibility of all Owners to inform their family members and guests of the possibility of being asked by another Owner to show their permit, and to cordially comply. Guarding against any illegal hunting is EVERYONE’S responsibility. It is not PERSONAL and should not be taken as such. These rules are to help protect against poaching.


  1. For those without access to computers/email, please mail inquiries (needed hunting permits, changing hunting lot status, questions, etc.) to: 


Mtn Meadows Realty
FWCR Property Manager
PO Box 578
404 Miranda Ave
Fort Garland, CO  81133


Upon receipt, the property manager will forward the information along to the hunting committee in a timely fashion. 

*Anyone seeing any illegal activity within FWCR should immediately call Colorado Operation Game Thief at 877-265-6648 AND contact a Hunting committee member, if possible.

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