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Agricultural Status Group

FWCROA Board would like to announce the creation of an “Agricultural Status Group”  (ASG).  The ASG will examine other factual avenues for the Association and/or individual owners to pursue and/or obtain Agricultural Status with Costilla County and the State of Colorado.  The ASG will present, as they deem appropriate, information to the FWCR Board for dissemination and consideration for all owners.  The information gathered and presented will be FACT based and current. At this time, FWCR is able to use only cattle for agricultural status, per our By-Laws.  Any changes would require a 2/3-majority vote from the owners.  Those interested in joining the ASG please contact Robyn Kuehler either, others would be most welcome! 


Robyn Kuehler ([email protected])
Kenneth Price ([email protected])
Greg Hamm ([email protected])
Joe Chizmas ([email protected])
Bill Jancouskas ([email protected])
Steph Bradford ([email protected])

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