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Hunting Season Reminder

We are mid-way through hunting season, and several landowners have reported problems.
  • A hunter drove up on a property owner while on his own lot, and when asked to leave asserted that being in the shared hunting allowed them to drive the property pre-season.
  • An owner who does not participate in the shared hunting had "Private Property" and "No Hunting" signs removed from his property. 
  • An owner reports individuals hunting from ATVs near his cabin. Video was captured. 
  • A group of hunters were unable to identify which lot they owned or were guests of. 
Please remember: Hunting from any vehicle is prohibited. Removing owners' signs is a crime of trespass and theft. Guest hunters must be accompanied by the host lot owner while hunting. 
Most of these incidents involved lots enrolled in shared hunting but were negative experiences for the owners who graciously share their hunting with others. Please don't give owners a reason to stop sharing their land. 

FWCROA Board-on behalf of affected owners. 


Unpermitted Lockboxes Removed- (9/13/2022)

As warned in the annual assessment mailer, all unpermitted & abandoned lockboxes have now been removed from the FRWCROA gates. 


We do not want this removal to be a surprise or to inconvenience owners who have previously used this method to store their key.  

All removed lockboxes are being held at Mtn. Meadows realty in Ft. Garland for pickup by the owners. 

Please become familiar and comply with the lockbox policy. Lockboxes placed at the gates will continue to be inspected periodically and will continue to be removed if found to be unpermitted. 

The theft of a single lockbox with key exposes ALL properties and cabins to burglary, trespass, or poaching. This is being enforced to protect the ranch and prevent having to reissue new keys. 

FWCROA Association


Yaks on the Ranch-(8/15/22) 

On Saturday evening 8/13/22 a Wagon Creek property owner discovered a small herd of unusual animals wandering Upper Powers Road near Atkins Lane. By Sunday evening the fence committee and board had identified the herd as Yaks. Information was received that they could belong to the Spring Ranch between Walsenburg and Aguilar. They were sighted in Forbes Park throughout the week last week.
On Monday morning the Spring Ranch foreman came with a crew to attempt to locate the herd to capture them and take them home. They were unable to locate the small herd in our large forests, so the decision was made to spread the word among Wagon Creek residents and wait for another sighting. The animals may continue to roam Wagon Creek or may roam away from the area. 

UPDATE 8/17/2022
We have been made aware of a 2nd Yak owner Tim Wood, who has been actively looking for 9 Yak cows and 3 calves missing from his ranch near Strawberry Mountain, located between LaVeta and our east boundary fence.  The Yak were seen again in Forbes Park 8/16/22, the day after they were seen on FWCR. 
With this new information, it appears the Yaks are drifting between Forbes Park and FWCR and more likely belong to Tim Wood than to Spring Ranch. 
If you see these Yaks, please contact Tim at 419-571-4604



Trinchera Ranch Water Delivery Service Discontinued

We have received information Trinchera Ranch water delivery service intends to discontinue deliveries to the ranches at the end of July. This service is for those owners who have cisterns. Trinchera Ranch Water states they have sent notices to all of their customers. If you depend on them for potable water, you will need to locate a new provider or water source. Several residents are looking to identify a new vendor who will deliver to FWCR. If that information is passed on it will be posted here.

7-1-2022 UPDATE:

A FWCR property owner has located a water vendor from Walsenburg who is willing to service FWCR. They state they are very busy this time of year, if you want to arrange an account please call them in advance.

Weber Water, Well Drilling, and Pump Service
14088 I-25
Walsenberg, CO  81089

* This is not an endorsement of that vendor by the owner or by FWCR management. There may be more vendors who will also service the ranch. If more vendors are identified, they will be listed here also. 

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