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Property Manager

Z&R Property Management

Darren H. Burns, MBA, CMCA, AMS, GRI
6015 Lehman Drive, Suite 205
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Office (719) 594-0506
Fax (719) 594-0473

“Dear Forbes Wagon Creek Ranch Owner,

At Z&R we have a full team to support your needs and I wanted to give you direct channels to the folks who can help you. As always, if you want to keep it simple, you are welcome to email me at [email protected] and I’ll ensure it gets forwarded on, but this could delay requests, so here is our directory”

Owner/Manager – Darren Burns – [email protected] (Available for whatever comes up.)

Assistant Manager – Hector Combest – [email protected] (The keeper of the keys, new and old. Arrange your new key mailings with Hector now.)

Front Desk – Anna and Katrina – (719) 594-0506 – [email protected]. 6015 Lehman Dr. #205, Colorado Springs, CO 80918. – (General questions, account balances, able to transfer to direct phone extensions, new owner packets, stickers, etc.)

Bookkeeping – Elizabeth, Leah and Stephanie – [email protected] – (Assistant with new payment portal, online payments.)

This should help you get right to where you want to go when you need something!



Darren H. Burns

Property Manager”

Please see Forbes Transition New Management Letter for important information!  The letter is attached below.

FWCR Access Key Information

I. Lot and Home Owners:

New Lot/Home Owners should obtain the entrance/exit gate keys from the previous owners at closing.  Additional keys are available at the following costs:

$25.00 for one key
$50.00 for a second or third key
$100.00 for four or more keys.

New owners will also receive, at no charge, 2 "Wagon Creek" window stickers.  The Board strongly recommends that owners driving within FWCR, attach this sticker inside the lower left (drivers) side of the windshield.

Lot/Home Owners must inform their guests of all rules and regulations in the Ranch (no speeding, lock all gates, do not hide keys under rocks, and name the owner they are visiting if the security patrol stops them). The Association counts on your help and support.

II. Contractor and Service Provider access:

Management must be contacted in order to receive a key and hang-tag for any contractor or service provider. Keys and tags are renewable every year on September 1 and there is no pro-ration.  

Darren H. Burns, MBA, CMCA, AMS, GRI
6015 Lehman Drive, Suite 205
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Office (719) 594-0506
Fax (719) 594-0473

Contracters and service providers who require keys must fill out the following forms from Management (email:[email protected])

  1. “Application for an Access License”

  2. “Contractor Indemnification and Release”

  3. “Contractor’s Responsibilities

When these forms are completed and returned to Management, the Contractor or service provider may pick up the contractor key and the hang-tag, which is the Access License and is legal proof for those who work in FWCR. This hang-tag has the name of the person responsible for the vehicle’s presence, date of issue and date of expiration. It must be hung on the rear view mirror of the vehicle. The color of the hang-tag may be changed at the discretion of Management. The cost of the contractor key and the hang-tag each year is $50.00 and is nonrefundable.

A General Contractor may request up to two additional contractor keys with hang-tag for his sub-contractors (see below) at $50.00 each, non-refundable.

Contractors are responsible for removal and disposal of their construction trash and the owner must provide a dumpster while building. The Wagon Creek dumpster is for the use of the FWCR lot owners only.

III. Sub-Contractors in connection with new construction:

It is the responsibility of the General Contractor to provide access for his subcontractors to FWCR and to request additional temporary hang-tags for the cars of his employees for a specific job site in order to drive to and from work within FWCR.



-Well Drillers


-Concrete delivery

-Others working for an approved Contractor.

Management will provide these additional temporary hang-tags showing the name of the responsible General Contractor and the dates of issue and expiration for a nonrefundable administration fee of $10.00 per hang-tag

Once the job has been finished the temporary hang-tags must be returned to Management. Management will not issue a key to a sub-contractor.

IV. Realtors:

Realtors must sign four forms:

  1. “Application for an Access License”

  2. “Contractor Indemnification and Release”

  3. “Contractor’s Responsibilities”

  4. “Notice to Realtors”

The cost of the key and hang-tag each year is $50.00 and is non-refundable.

V. Government Agencies:

Various agencies, such as fire and sheriff departments, ambulance, forest service, tax office, and game warden will be provided with a limited number of Home Owner keys. Management will keep record of each person within the agency responsible for the key.

VI. Management Responsibilities:

Call, email or mail Management to request a new key. A new key will be mailed to you when payment (if applicable) has been received. Contractor keys and hang-tags will be changed yearly on September 1. Management will maintain files on all keys and hang-tags showing names of Contractors responsible for vehicles within FWCR, date of issue and expiration date. Hang-tags must be returned to Management/ECC when job is finished. Color of hang-tags may change at Management’s discretion. 

Any “Contractor” found in violation of Contractor’s Responsibilities will be notified by return/receipt of the offense, e.g. no tag, wrong key, speeding, gate left open, hunting without permit, etc. and notified that no new keys will be issued after the 2nd violation.

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