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Forbes Wagon Creek Ranch is located on the western slope of Colorado's Sangre De Cristo Mountains between 8260/ft and 10,530/ft altitude.  It is a gated, covenant protected, subdivision covering more than 17,000 acres in Costilla County.  There are 404 ranch properties, which are 35 acres or larger in size.

Environmental Control Committee
The primary role of the Environmental Control Committee (ECC) is consideration and approval of proposed lot improvements in accordance the FWCR Declaration of Covenants and relevant amendments.  FWCR Property Improvement Guidelines & Rules (G & R) apply to new building projects as well as to additions and exterior remodeling.

The ECC can be contacted via email at:  [email protected]

Notice from the ECC
The ECC has closed its services for the year.  The ECC operates from May 15 to October 15.  Improvement requests and site visits will resume in the spring of 2023, weather permitting.  If you currently have an improvement request that has been approved, you may proceed with your project.  The ECC website link will be checked periodically through the winter months to answer questions and provide guidance for upcoming projects.  


Forbes Wagon Creek Ranch locks on ranch entry gates were changed effective December 1st, 2021, as per the prior Key Policy announced and published on the FWCR website.

All FWCR property owners were to have received one new key per lot at no cost before December 1st, 2021. Keys were mailed in padded mailers via certified mail to your mailing list on file with the Association. We are also aware that not all owners received their keys.

This key will not change for at least 4 years, unless a security event occurs that may warrant a gate key change. If you are one of the Owners who has already arranged for your free and any extra keys, you may disregard this notice.

New or additional keys can be obtained by Property Owners by requesting them from Mountain Meadows Realty in Fort Garland. You may also update your contact and mailing info at that time.

Additional keys can be purchased with the following fee schedule: (plus postage fee if mailed):

First Additional:               $12.00

Second Additional:           $12.00

Third Additional:              $12.00

Fourth Additional:            $25.00

Fifth Additional:               $50.00
Six or More Additional:      $75.00 each



FWCROA Garbage Services

There is no delicate way to approach this topic, but it must be addressed:

The association garbage dumpster is a convenient service provided for all owners but is frequently being abused. Restricted materials are being placed in the container, or illegally dumped nearby on the ground. The Ranch trash service contract is to haul only the items listed on the permissible items list posted near the container. Depositing prohibited items risks having our service discontinued. There are few trash services in the region, if they cancel our service, we will have no replacement to go to. The trash service agreement does not extend to cleaning up items discarded or left near the dumpster. If you are leaving items on the ground near the dumpster, it is not being hauled away by the trash service, it’s being cleaned up by a responsible owner or neighbor. The ranch has no responsibility to accept deliberate trash dumping. 

To protect the Ranch from littering, and to continue the trash service, we must hold violators accountable.

Security cameras are monitoring the entry gates, vehicle storage yard, and trash dumpster. These cameras capture activity in these areas and may be used to investigate and identify those who commit criminal or policy violations on the ranch.

Placing forbidden material in the dumpsters violates our contract with the trash service. Discarding objects on the ground is a direct violation of Article VIII of the FWCROA Covenants and also a violation of Colorado Statute § 18-4-511 and will be enforced.

If the dumpster is getting full, contact a board member to schedule a haul. Please do not wait until it is overflowing above the openings. The trash service only answers their phones 4 days per week, closed Friday/Saturday/Sunday and holidays.


FWCROA Board of Directors



Please visit, an unofficial website of FWCR.