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Vehicle Storage Lot (VSL)

The Ranch has a Vehicle Storage Lot ("VSL") for storing vehicles, located on lot 254 near the railroad gate. This lot has rental spaces for vehicles. In Colorado camper trailers, ATV and snowmobile trailers, and other trailers are considered 'vehicles' also. Machines with snow tracks have been allowed to park without being on a trailer. Rental spaces are yearly, by contract, on a first come first serve basis and by approval of the FWCR property manager. 
The terms of the contract may be revised from time to time by the board of directors. At this time only wheeled, motorized, or tracked vehicles may be stored in the VSL. One container is onsite but no new containers or sheds will be allowed or approved. 
At this time the board is discussing expansion of the yard to the east with an enlarged area for only campers or larger vehicles.  
A sample contract is attached below: 

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