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First Responders Wildfire Unit

FWCROA 1st Response Wildfire Unit

Andy Kuehler has agreed to volunteer as the Leader of the FWCR Fire Response Team.  He brings years of experience as a volunteer firefighter.  Andy is currently working to re-create the team, please contact him if interested in joining!  Being a team member requires time, training and effort!

To improve fire response time, Forbes Wagon Creek has purchased and equipped its own 1st Response Wildfire Truck. Manned by FWC residents, our Wildfire Truck operates under the direction of the CCFPD, Fort Garland Chief, Theldon Smith.

Fire Response Commitee
Andy Kuehler Leader 402-461-9481


CALL 911

Then call the dispatcher (Max & Helga Klepp) at 719 379-0100

If you can not reach the dispatcher, call members of the team until you reach someone!!!

Max & Helga Klepp 719 379-0100
Response Team Leaders
Andy Kuehler  

Tommy & Patsy Bond

719 379-4097
Ken Connor

719 379-3850

641 919-4801

Glen Dobson & Sheron Dobson

719 379-2686
Micheal Haney 760 486-0962

Scott & Lynne Johnson

719 379-4940
Ted Johnson 719 379-3670

Leslie Neldner

719 379-3174

719 564-6792

Bill Peffer

520 204-3548

719 379-3505

David Ycedo 951 907-2123

Lori Erickson

719 439-0173

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