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Upload form forCWPP Survey


Our  grant from application for CO State was denied for 2021. However, the application remains open for 2022-2023. One of the main reasons our application was not approved was the lack of community involvement as it relates to fire mitigation. Only way to prove to the State that we are worth of a grant is if we show community involvement in mitigating wildfire here at  Wagon Creek.

One way to do that is to improve and modernize our current Community Wildfire Protection Plan or CWPP.

We need input from the land owners in order to get to work on a revamped CWPP.

Please fill out the Community Wildfire Protection Plan Survey and upload it to the Board using this form.  

Two ways to complete and upload the Survey:

1. Print out a paper copy, fill it in by hand, scan completed Survey (or take a picture with your phone) to a file on your computer, use this form to upload it.
2. Open the opdf file, use your text edit or text mark-up tool to fill out the Survey, save a copy as a pdf file and upload that file using this form.