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Fire Mitigation


The Fire Mitigation Committee works to reduce the wildland fire danger in our community. Each year they contract a crew to improve the fire breaks along the roads in Wagon Creek. They also manage burn piles used by our owners to dispose of brush and branches they have cleared while mitigating their properties.

Fire Mitigation  
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Any time you see smoke, please immediately report it to 911, then call Max Klepp at 719-379-0100.

See our Evacuation Instructions page for emergency evacuation procedures Go to the Evacuation Instructions


In the event of a wildfire or other serious condition, evacuation of Forbes Wagon Creek Ranch may be ordered. Costilla County is served by an Advanced 911 System, which will notify Ranch Owners who have a telephone of the evacuation order by a reverse 911 call.

What to do when you have to evacuate your cabin
  • Leave your doors unlocked

  • Leave a light on

  • Close all windows

  • Leave tools such as shovel, rake and axe outside; and, if you have one, leave a ladder leaning against the roof

  • If you leave a vehicle, park it out of the way so that the fire truck can get to your cabin. Leave the key in the ignition

  • Post a note on your door with the following information:

    -  Where, and what kind of, fuel (wood, gas canisters, gasoline tanks) is stored inside or around your cabin.
    -  Where you’re headed to (address and telephone number).
    -  Is there a well, and how to turn it on if you have switched it off (you should leave it on).
    -  Is there electric power, and how to turn it on if you have switched it off (you should leave it on).


The Federal Emergency Management Agency is offering mountain residents a free book to help them defend their homes against wildfires. Titled "At Home in the Woods: Lessons Learned in the Wildland/Urban Interface," the 136-page book contains historical data, the science of wildfires and a how-to manual for homeowners on creating defensible space around their homes. The publication, No. 468 can be ordered by calling 1-800-480-2520 or you can download it at The FEMA website


Each year a site is designated for the disposal of brush, tree branches and etc by ranch owners. Once there is sufficient snow on the ground, the debris are burned under the supervision of the Costilla County Fire Department - Fort Garland and the Colorado Forest Service.

This program allows us to reduce risk the of a serious wildfire in Wagon Creek. Under the guidelines of the Colorado Forest Service, only forest debris can be placed in the burn site. No construction or household debris are allowed.

The Slash pile site for 2018 is at 289 Borman Dr from Kline down Borman. Once snow melt allows access, signs will be installed to mark the area where slash may be placed.

Please stack piles 8 feet wide and 8 feet high before adding to the length of the pile. This reduces the length of the pile and aids in the fall/winter burning. NO construction materials, stumps, or logs thicker than 8 inches are allowed.

Signs showing the boundary for piles will be posted.

Thanks to all the Owners who gave their permission just recently and in the past.

THE SLASH BURN SITE IS FOR FOREST WOOD ONLY. Please NEVER put any slash on last year's burn site!!!!

Winter Slash Burn Pile Regulations

  1. Only natural tree and brush slash less than 8 inches in diameter

  2. No stumps

  3. No construction debris

  4. No trash

  5. Enter only at marked area

  6. Dump your pile in line with other piles

  7. Piles must be less than 5 ft high and less than 8 ft wide

  8. Keep the road clear from any debris

Please note: Contractors who violate the rules will not be allowed to work in Wagon Creek anymore.


For information regarding personal grants and all kinds of interesting information regarding Fire Mitigation, Visit or call the Colorado Forest Service, Jeff Burns at 719 587-0915


Forbes Wagon Creek Ranch has been fortunate in recent years to have had enough moisture to keep down the threat of wildfire. This moisture also has meant that there has been a lot of tree and brush growth. Take a look at your Ranch property this year to see if you need to clear dead or dense brush from around your cabin or camping area. Some parcels have dead or dying trees killed by various beetles. Getting rid of these trees would lessen the danger of the beetles spreading or wildfire consuming some of your and your neighbors’ forest.

The FWC Ranch Association has hired the professional mitigation crew, Highland Triumph, to thin evacuation roadside brush since 2006. They have also done work on several private Ranch parcels. The Colorado State Forester, Adam Moore could also provide other mitigation companies contact information. Adam can be contacted in Alamosa at 719.587.0915.

            Highland Triumph LLC           
            Ben Brach
            PO Box 1066
            Gunnison, CO  81230


Forbes Wagon Creek ROA has a CWPP in place that has been incorporated into the overall Costilla County CWPP Plan.  The complete Costilla County Plan can be accessed on the CO State Forest Service website.  The plan is attached below.

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