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ECC Overview

The primary role of the Environmental Control Committee (ECC) is consideration and approval of proposed lot improvements in accordance the FWCR Declaration of Covenants and relevant amendments.  FWCR Property Improvement Guidelines & Rules (G & R) apply to new building projects as well as to additions and exterior remodeling.

ECC  Role
John Carricarte Leader
Vacant Member
Vacant Member

 The ECC can be contacted via email at:  [email protected]


Improvements Requiring Review & Approval from the ECC

1. New cabin or home constructed on property

2. Physical modifications to any property:

  • Driveways.
  • Fences.
  • Outbuildings (storage sheds garages, greenhouses)
  • Solar panels, wind turbines, non-portable electrical generators, and power poles.

3. Exterior modifications to an existing structure or residence:

  • New roof
  • New color stain or paint
  • Architectural Additions: porches, decks, garages, storage or any deviation to a previously approved construction project.

Improvements NOT Requiring Review & Approval from the ECC
(If you have questions about a specific modification contact the ECC)

  • Repairs to existing roofs when color is unchanged, or materials  match.
  • Repairs and maintenance to existing stain and or paint.
  • Septic systems & water wells. It is the responsibility of the landowner to secure County and State permits for drilling water wells, or installing a septic system to be in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Any interior work. It is the responsibility of the owner to secure County and/or State permits if applicable for certain types of interior work (e.g. plumbing, electrical)

If you are contemplating new construction we recommend contacting the ECC for a preliminary discussion of your project and to help insure that you do not prematurely spend time and money on county permits, as county and ECC criteria do not always match up. We can help guide you in planning your construction sequence.

Each residence or improvement must meet the criteria of the G & R as well as the rules and regulations of governmental authorities having jurisdiction (i.e. Costilla County and the State of Colorado). Tour general contractor can help you navigating state and county permitting processes,

Information regarding Costilla County Planning and Zoning Department can be obtained at the county website located here. Click Residential Development Procedures for full details.

All ranch owners and contractors should be aware of the seasonal aspects of building in Wagon Creek. Roads may not be passable during the winter snow season.

Each owner is responsible for complying with the FWCR G & R's. Before you start making plans, always read the guidelines first.

In order to assist owners in the planning and designing of a residence and to take full advantage of the unique opportunities of the parcel, a comprehensive design review process administered by the ECC has been established.

In general, the ECC design review process is divided into the following phases:

  • Starting the process/Initial contact
  • Pre-Design meeting; submittal of required paperwork
  • Site inspection; ECC review and response
  • Government Permits
  • Construction
  • Final Inspection and ECC sign-off


Camping Information and request forms can be found under the "Camping " tab on the right sidebar of this website.  In summary, there are three types of Camping on FWCR.

Vacation/Hunting - camping on a Lot for more than 3 consecutive nights & days, more than once each calendar month requires a camping permit from the ECC. The camping permit is good for up to four (4) consecutive weeks. If camping longer than 4 weeks at one time, please contact the ECC to renew the camping permit for the extended period of time.

Construction - a camping permit may be granted to an owner for use by himself or a builder/contractor during construction. This permit allows a tent or trailer to remain on the property while construction is ongoing. 

Association contractors- such as security agencies, fire mitigation services, fencing crew and others working for the Association, should apply for and may be granted a camping permit to be used by the service provider during the time the service is being performed. This permit allows a tent or trailer to remain on the Association property during this time.

The primary purpose of camping permits is to ensure we know who is on the Ranch in case of emergencies or evacuations.


If a ranch owner has a concern or complaint about a possible violation of ECC guidelines or rules, please complete and submit an on-line ECC Concern/Complaint Form 


It is important to pay attention to wildfire danger when building in Forbes Wagon Creek Ranches. Click here for a brochure from the Colorado State Forest Service containing good information concerning fire behavior and building construction. 



All contractors have to apply for a license tag and gate key. Tags and keys are renewable every September 1st.

FWC Ranch Owners, NEVER give your owner key to a contractor or leave it hidden at the gate!!!!

For gate key information contact: 

Forbes Wagon Creek Ranch Owners Association (FWCROA)
c/o Ashley Luce

P.O. Box 699
Fort Garland, CO 81133
Cell (719)379-2977
[email protected]

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