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Structure Recovery Information


This is the report of house conditions prepared by the Costilla County Assessors Office. To recieve the photo of your house, you can email the county assessor ([email protected]) to request the information. Include a copy of you ID in the email. 

The Report is Attached.

Ash/Debris Removal Information

From Ben Doon, Costilla County Manager:

I have some information for you about the ash/debris removal process and procedures. The attached Spring Fire Ash/Debris Guidance is essentially the memo and waiver from CDPHE addressing the issue.  CDPHE has put modified procedures in place to deal with the potentially contaminated ash/debris instead of their normal regulations (Regulation No. 8, Part B) that deal with asbestos abatement.  These modified procedures are extremely helpful compared to the usual process, though there are still regulated procedures that need to happen in order to properly deal with the ash/debris material.  Please read the memo carefully and share with everyone as this information is very important.  There are still ways this material needs to be handled and protocols that the people handling the debris need to follow.  OSHA is now the organization that is calling the shots on how this material needs to be handled in terms of training and PPE.  Please see the 3rd bullet on page 1 that speaks to that concern.  I called OSHA today to understand their requirements, but I was only able to leave a message and they have not got back to me yet.  As soon as I hear from OSHA about what they are requiring, I'll relay that info to you.

I am also attaching the Disposal Notification Form that CDPHE is requiring.  Normal permitting requirements are being waived, but they will require this notification form.

However, I have also been told that if a home was built from 1990 to 2018 it is possible to do certain testing and submit certain documents to try and prove that no asbestos was contained in any of the building materials of the home and if that's the case, the ash/debris has the potential to be handled without following the guidelines in the CDPHE waiver memo. 

A homeowner will need to work with an asbestos consultant to work through that process.  I've attached a list of state approved asbestos consultant firms that can be hired to work with homeowners on this process.

Tips from the Colorado State Insurance Commissioner

At a meeting held on 7/19/2108, Michael Conway Commissioner of the State Division of Insurance had a few important tips.

  • For those who's home survived the fire, flood insurance is strongly recommended. Flash flooding is a common problem following a forest fire. the lack of vegitation causes watter to run off carrying debris, ash, soil and rocks. 
  • You may be approached by Public Adjustors. They are independent adjusters who will try to get more from your insurance company for a fee. Be sure you know what you are signing if you contract with a public adjuster. By law their fee can not exceed 10%. a good contract will specify that the fee is only on any additional funds obtained and there is no fee if the public adjuster can not obtain additional funds.
  • If you have trouble with your insurance company or an adjuster contact the Division of Insurance,

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