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Baer Team Survey

The Burned Area Emergency Response Survey

The Burned Area Emergency Response Team is an interagency team that has been working on a survey of the burn area. This survey identifys the severity of the damage, potential for flash flooding and debris flow, and will provide a road map for recovery. The report has not yet been finalized, but these maps posted by the team on the InciWeb - Incident Information System give an idea of how much damage was done and the potential for further damage by flash flooding.

- The BAER Team Report

The Interagency Post-Fire Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) team, that recently assessed lands burned by the Spring Creek wildfire, provided information about the BAER process, their recently completed analysis, and recommended emergency stabilization treatments to local interagency cooperators. The emergency treatments and activities are designed to decrease possible impacts to adjacent and downstream values-at-risk from the burned area such as: human life and safety, property, critical natural resources and cultural resources.

- Spring Creek Post-Fire BAER Assessment Team Presentation to Interagency Cooperators are attached below.


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